Insects Facing Hurricane Isaac

27 Aug

The bugs run rampant at our condo in the Gulf. Dragonflies, in groups like geese without order or direction, wander in search of shelter. Have we discovered a new species? A large flyer with smooth fur and lines like a chipmunk going down its back has taken refuge on our pool deck, because our building is tucked back further than those on either side. He has secured himself to the pale, salmon cobble-stones used in construction, no doubt, because its surface provides bathers sure footing. It provides the chipmunk bug security as well.

Two insects colored like lightening bugs but smaller are attached at the rear-end and crawling over my beach towel as if they are in some frenzied attempt to reproduce before meeting their ends. Then as I take the last lounge chair to the door of the storage area, I see six more pairings of these insects. They remind me of Dr. Doolittle‘s push-me-pull-you with their connected black bodies and their orange-red heads at both ends. My fellow Penn State alum with the degree in entomology would probably know what they are called. He could tell me if their behavior is indicative of the season or a result of the changes in barometric pressure as Isaac churns the waters above and below some distance beyond the sight of our condo’s double glass doors.

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One response to “Insects Facing Hurricane Isaac

  1. mrsbvdyche

    August 27, 2012 at 6:24 pm

    The locals call those push-me-pull-you things “love bugs”.


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