Hurricane Effects

28 Aug

Our fabulously air conditioned room prepared our electronics for dry and cool. Thus, when we exited for our morning excursion Tuesday, our camera lenses and even internal workings were assaulted by heat and humidity.Image

Great gobs of foam! I thought these were riding breakers in and being deposited, which may have happened as well. Then I saw the wind lathering up standing water from tidal creeks into these masses. Grab them up like suds from the bath and watch the wind blow them clean away.


You’ve seen it before. You stand outside the edge of the surf and watch as wave after wave erodes your footing. With Isaac’s force only one wave buries you to your ankles, and after only a little time, the sand begins stripping your glossy gel pedicure away.


One of the upsides every beachcomber looks forward to once the danger is passed. Incredible caches of shells. These I simply wanted to play with because they tinkled against each other like a thousand tiny bells. (In the video you can hear it.)


And finally, traveler beware. The most dangerous animal according to the National Park Service is abroad: human males between the ages of 16 and 34. The police stopped by to have a chat with these fellows and their friends who were surfing again shortly thereafter.


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