My Second book, The Demon Plagues, Going Live

16 Sep

Love morphing from muggle to author, my friend.

David VanDyke's Author Blog

Yes, the title is self-explanatory but there is so much more to it.

It’s been a wild ride for me these last few months. I am morphing from a muggle into an author – or something like that. Seriously, authorship is making magic. It’s like learning one is a wizard. But like ol’ HP, there’s a lot of work and learning to be done, and I’m still a Freshman.

The Eden Plague, my first book, had a few hundred free downloads and sales in the teens. I’m scheduling a free-book promo this weekend and a media blitz on the cheap, using Author Marketing Club which is a nice conflative site to start from. It gives you ten or fifteen places to go to announce your free promo. My friend and fellow author Ryan King had a lot of success with this recently, with his short story “The Burden”…

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