Why Wednesday: Vampires, Zombies and Me (Part I)

26 Sep

Alternate Title: What’s a Nice Christian Girl Like Me Doing Writing Vampire Novels?


(Above: My first vampire book was released April 2012 with this cover.)

“Life is in the blood” ~ Holy Bible

The most obvious connection between Christianity and vampirism is the blood.  “Life is in the blood – do not eat of it” (Leviticus 17:14). Followers of Christ, like myself, eat and drink the blood and body of Christ.  “Do this in remembrance of Me” (Luke 22:19; 1 Cor. 11:23-26).  A blood sacrifice was necessary to cover the sins and nakedness of Adam and Eve and of all humanity.

Enter the fictional vampire who subsists on only blood, as a source of life and, of which, I admit I am a fan.


Please note, however, that I do not endorse all renditions of the genre.  It’s easy for a fan to be lured in by the whiff of vampire romance only to find something very damaging lurks beneath the surface. Many books, movies, and TV shows use compelling characters in interesting circumstances to bait and hook the audience before proceeding to fill their airtime with less of what caught us and more of what turns folks like me away (e.g. foul language, nudity, crude and rude interludes).

In my opinion one of the reasons the Twilight Series was such a mega hit was because it steered clear of the seedy side of the genre and used the age of the vampires to take us back to simpler times. Honestly , when was the last time you watched a movie where the leading man was intent on protecting virtue and waited till after the wedding?

And while I’m off track, one other caveat of my soapbox is that it is chock full of Christian lingo, jargon, and scripture quotes that you might not catch if unfamiliar with such.  So I added some references that begin to scratch the surface of that.  Please remember these are loose connections to Christian principles rather than theologically sound talking points.

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