19 Oct


Well-paced, Page Turner

I didn’t realize this was paranormal when I picked it up from the library. I was expecting a murder-supsense and got that plus more. At first the romantic angles put me off, but I read on through and found I really enjoyed the twists & turns of both the mystery and the romance. I choose to skim over the steamier sections (self-edits). That’s par for the course with me.

The struggles of the main character as a witness to violence who then studies serial killers was well written–a lot good character development there. Most the other characters were introduced with just a hint at their deeper backgrounds, but that’s part of what makes me want to read more.

Right now I’m mostly into reading a different author every time I pick up a book, but I would read the next one in this series if nobody new caught my eye on the shelves.

Newbie to wordpress blogging, I’ll figure out how to make my Goodreads Reviews show up here. Meanwhile, I think you can check them out below, comment, and recommend a read to me. Thanks!

Book Review (Murder Suspense Paranormal)

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