Pantser or Planner?

10 Nov

My short blog history is proof positive that as a writer I am a pantser, I fly by the seat of my inspired pants. I don’t do a work-up before I write with an outline or plot plan.  I do make a kind of chapter outline, but only after I have 50K words and can no longer see where the holes are in my non-chronological collection of scribbles. All this is to say that right now I am sitting on the starts of four blog entries and one almost complete entry.

My plea is “this is my process.” Just an excuse really for what I know I need to be doing. It’s not process, it’s struggle. I have too many ideas, too few words, and a grand lack of time. They say you find time for the things you really want to do. So I know I’ll be with this for the long haul.  For right now, I apologize to those anxiously awaiting Begotten Bloods Two, because, honestly, God & family come first.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that my author husband is a planner, motivator, and my hero. He’s got my back and is always pushing it into gear. Gotta love that man o’mine. There is so much more to come from Three Kings Publishing. Stick around, and enjoy the journey into reading with us.

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