05 Dec

The usefulness of social media is often debated, but David seems to be doing things the right way.

David VanDyke's Author Blog

After a rather disappointing three-day promo over the Thanksgiving weekend I was feeling a bit down. I had just released The Reaper Plague, my third novel in the Plague Wars series (see earlier posts) and done the promo to hopfully publicize this. I’d also been told that Amazon does some promotion of just-released books in the 30-90 day range, so I was hoping for some synergy. What did I get? More or less nada. Hardly a bump. Not even that many downloads compared to some I’ve done in the past, despite plastering the free book sites with notices.

But then an interesting thing happened. My wonderful wife Beth discovered Twitter. She’s already my marketer on a very steep learning curve – she just took it all on in earnest about a month ago, before that I was doing everything myself. Now she is building me a new website, she set…

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