First Love Note

10 Jan

The little girl standing on the porch with a death grip on the note she’d written was awkward for a nine year old. A little rounder than her playmates, her mousey pageboy hair was fuzzy enough to fly out in all directions were it not for the barrette holding back a great swath on the side of her head. Still, the portion that escaped formed a small bush pointing at the porch’s ceiling as the girl tilted her head to peak around her thick glasses at the mother who answered the doorbell.
“Can Joey come play?”
“No. We’re eating supper right now.” Then taking in the girl’s disappointment, “He’ll be back out tomorrow.”
With two hands firmly gripping a folded sheet of paper, the girl determinedly folded the note as small as she could before holding it out to the woman. “Will you give this to him for me?”
“Of course.” The mother received the note with two hands. “I’ll give it to him right now. Good night, Sara.”
Relieved of her burden, the little girl half ran half skipped off the porch and down the sidewalk as pink and orange skies draped over her neighborhood.

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