What do you create?: A Blog to Highlight

27 Mar

Creative Scene Investigations Blog

Genevieve Scholl has an interesting blog for anyone creatively inclined: “CSI-Creative Scene Investigation.”

As an author, Genevieve’s focus is often book related with reviews of books, book covers, author interviews, blogs, and GiveAways. She doesn’t stop there, though. Recently she reviewed two restaurants and the TV show “Once Upon A Time.” 

The best part about Genevieve’s blog IMO is that she is constantly featuring artist news, blogs, and new material from other Creative Types. She is open to Cross-Promotions and is friendly and as approachable as all get out. What do you create? CSI would like to talk about it.

Here’s her description of her blog:

“Creative mind under the microscope.” I blog about anything creative; photographer, writing, movies, TV Shows, Art (new venture that hasn’t started yet), etc. After I became a published writer, it occurred to me that people don’t really know the person behind the writing and I wanted to “dissect” those people that work so hard on the things that we enjoy and get to the root of who they are: Their DNA so to speak.

About Genevieve personally she writes:

I am an author, photographer, editor, cover designer, beta-reader, reviewer (books, movies, and restaurants), avid reader of almost all genres, studying paralegal, Slowly becoming multilingual, and looooooooooove food! I love to experiment, create, paint, travel, etc. I love nature (except for bugs). I live in New York State (not the big city, but still), want to travel all over the world, wish to retire in Ireland, was born in Texas. I collect snowglobes, stuffed animals, and celebrity memorabilia. I have an obsession with the Titanic and anything have to do with it (can’t wait until Titanic 2 is finished being built), Abraham Lincoln, and Amelia Earhart.

It did not surprise me to discover Genevieve obsessed with all things Titanic. There are more of us out there than you might think. But now I find myself wondering if she’s read my book Unsinkable Vampire. In my world that’s a like yelling “Squirrel!”

Do you think she’s read it?

I’ll go ask.


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