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06 Apr

LifeboatAlthough we indie publish on a terribly small scale (i.e. 4 authors’ works), I am driven to keep up with some of the larger issues bubbling in the publishing world. As news and op-eds strike me, I’ll share them here. You can find more in my blog category “Indie Business.”

Today’s post is from KRISTINE KATHRYN RUSCH’s site which I highly recommend. In her Death to Publishing entry she says,

Traditional publishers have gotten quite savvy in the past year. Traditional publishers no longer revert rights to out-of-print books without a long fight, which sometimes ends up in court.

The contracts I’ve seen from every traditional book publisher, including one that used to be quite writer friendly, have added deadly non-compete clauses and are enforcing those clauses.

Is traditional publishing dying? I don’t think so. It certainly is going through major upheaval and absorbing considerable revenue loss. So authors must become aware of contract issues in the fine print, because one item getting scooped out of sinking publishing life-rafts is concern for the author’s writing career.

With 20+ years in the business doing both traditional and indie publishing, Kristine Rusch is a terrific Publishing Insider.


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