Writing Rules We Could Do Without?

16 May

Tarzan shots

Cut and dry rules that can promote your career in any sector are good to know, at least until they aren’t. So this edition of “Writing Rules” features 5 Rules Anjali Sachdeva  says we can do without. I’ve listed the five and encourage you to check out the why’s and wherefore’s at this link for Creative Non-Fiction’s website.

  1. Show, don’t tell.
  2. You should only be a writer if you can’t bear to do anything else. 
  3. Write what you know.
  4. Don’t use the passive voice.
  5. Use interesting verbs.

As an aside to #2, I’m listening to Tarzan in my car and was struck, yet again, by the author information. Edgar Rice Burroughs turned to writing at the age of 35 because he needed to support his family and his previous three careers weren’t cutting it.


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