Tis the Season Reading: Maid for Romance

17 Dec
Click here to Buy

Click here to Buy

Samantha Lovern’s  “Maid for Martin” is a feature romance this month from the California Love Trilogy. It’s a twist on fan fiction in that the lead actor is based loosely on the author’s favorite actor, Martin Henderson who you might remember as the doctor from the tv series Off The Map.

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In the story there is a bit of mistaken identity here that makes for a nice premise: The blurb says:

Martin Taylor is having issues with his live-in-love, Celia Carson. She’s not supporting his acting career and the upcoming Christmas party is stressing their relationship to a point of no return. On top of everything else he’s falling for the maid, Randi Sanders. Martin’s timing is always off, he never thinks things through, and to make matters worse, Randi has no idea he’s really Martin Taylor. She thinks he’s the limo driver. He hates to come forward with the truth because Randi’s making him feel like he hasn’t felt in years.

Do you watch book trailers?  Try this one via youtube link here

Here are what some of the reviews say about this 4 Star read:

“I couldn’t put it down.”

“You have double-entendres, cat and mouse pacing, and great character development.”

“It has a great storyline with a twist that will make it impossible for you to put this one down!”

“I love books that are a series of books – it allows the reader to better get to know the characters in the book – it is almost like a tv series.”

Buy “Maid for Martin” today or do what I did as an Amazon Prime member and borrow it for free. You can also listen to the audiobook while traveling this holiday by visiting this link at

The next two titles in the series look good as well: Surprise Engagement and Celia’s Knight. Find out more about the California Love Trilogy or view free chapters at “Like” Samantha’s author page on Facebook here.

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