An Anecdotal Observation, Relating to Robert Heinlein and the Youth of Today

13 Mar


Interesting thoughts on Heinlein and authors’ appeal for generations. I am reblogging because it relates to Heinlein’s Rules for Writing which I often see quoted and I blogged them earlier.

Originally posted on Whatever:

As it’s relevant to yesterday’s discussion:

About a year ago Athena was wondering what she should read next, and wandered into my office to look at books. Since she was amenable to suggestion, I went ahead and offered her Starman Jones, which is one of my favorite of the Heinlein juveniles. She looked at it a bit skeptically (it was an old copy with typically 80s cover art), but she was willing to give it a try.

And she did — she read a few chapters, and then she put it aside and read something else. I asked her later why she abandoned the book, and she more or less shrugged and said it was okay but it really didn’t speak to her.

Which on one hand made me sad — big Heinlein fan here, and also a fan of that particular book — but on the other hand…

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