Our Flight Did a 180 (Unexpected Blessings Series)

14 Aug

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 1.55.01 PMMoving is always included in the top ten stressors of life, a list including change of job, divorce, death of a loved one. At 37K feet, four hours into a transatlantic flight, during the dark quiet of night, our plane made a U-turn that was an Unexpected Blessing in so many ways that in the interest of time I will only list the top benefits thus far.

  • One of the best night’s rest I have had since before my husband’s last deployment to Afghanistan. I slept like vampire at high noon.
  • Time to write–no bags to pack, no house to organize, the children in the care of Dad with their new grandma-provided tablets in hand. No demands at all–beautiful.
  • A long soak in a hot bath reading  A Cast of Stones by Patrick W. Carr
  • Finding inspiration in a bar of soap (post)
  • Son befriending a Dutch student and learning about our new neighborhood, differences in the school system, and bits of teen intercultural insights as our family and 200+ others waited for hotel vouchers. Wish I could get my son to write a blog–or at least contribute content to mine.
  • Food Vendor Vouchers times six. I am normally so turned off by the prices in airports, I carry my own snacks–suddenly there are multiple use-em or lose-em vouchers with the airport my playground. Child says,”Mommy can I have one of those?” I glance at the $8 smoothie. Today’s response, “Of course, darling. Let’s see if everyone wants one.” Boy smiles, priceless.

(And the real kicker…)

  •  Upon texting our sponsor at the embassy we learned our family was not expected till the next day anyway. We would have arrived in Amsterdam after 26 hours of travel with 24 checked bags, a Golden Lab, our family of six’s carry-ons and personal items to no greeting, van or ride for the additional hours to our final destination.


Blessed beyond all expectation.


Kristin King is an author, publisher and President of Future Hope Africa.

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