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19 Aug
Great detail in nature photos on my pinterest board "The Lord God Made Them All"

Great detail in nature photos on my pinterest board “The Lord God Made Them All”

As an inflight entertainment option, I caught part of an interview with Matt Damon discussing his rise to fame (“I just wanted a job.”) and highlights of his career (e.g. being cast as Jason Bourne). He said that much of acting is attention to detail.

Attention to detail. Isn’t that true of a great many jobs and the ability of someone to excel? From the server who notices when your drink is diminished to the inspector noting a witness’s hesitation.

Certainly writers who are able to describe and notate our world or others they create with detail are well served by that attention, those small observations that make the character authentic, paint a landscape more vivid in our minds than the one surrounding, or cause us to see our world,  relationships, or life differently.

What do you notice? The bath soap in its crunchy plastic set my mind off with it’s Golden Gate Bridge etching, a product of the San Francisco Soap Co. I had never heard of them when my mind connected the dots from detail to interview to writing prompt. Now I’ll never forget.


Kristin King is an author and publisher. Her imprint, Three Kings Publishing, is a Mom & Pop publisher of Christian writers (not necessarily Christian books).

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