Holland Day 1 – Help Find the Fridge

05 Sep

Help Kay find the fridge.

Moving to a new country is a bit like reading a fantasy book. You remember the one I’m talking about, right? Where the intrepid hero enters a world familiar enough to get into big trouble fast (oops, I thought that would work) and exotic enough the hero can’t complete the simplest task (Where’s the refrigerator?). Let’s call today’s hero “Kay.”

IMG_0107The Friendly-Folk, we’ll call them (those who were in your shoes in the not so distant past) left a treasure map to life changing places like C1000 and AH (i.e. grocery stores) as well as Park De Pauw and ASH (i.e. the school). Map side-messages declare forthcoming adventure: IMG_0109

Always look left when you leave your driveway


Hidden walkway

(And Kay’s favorite)

Dragons! The Unknown Edge of the Earth.

However, Kay need not leave the house for exploration and discovery. She will search out the fridge (top photo) which she knows must be there because the Friendly-Folk left provisions for her family to begin this journey. (Thank you Friendly-Folk!)

Dishwasher-Without-Buttons in center.

Dishwasher-Without-Buttons in center.

She will stumble upon the Dishwasher-Without-Buttons and be amazed at the Bounty within these four walls (e.g. 220v coffee maker, vacuum cleaner, paper towels, made-up beds, shelves, closets and wardrobes–oh my).




Clothes Washer

Clothes Washer

What terrific appliances! Kay says, How do I turn this thing on? (see stove photo)

Wow, look at all THOSE buttons. (Clothes Washer) I should start a load of kids laundry….Huh…it won’t start no matter what I push.

Wonder how I open the microwave. Why does it have both a start and stop button AND on and off?

Where ARE the buttons for the dishwasher?

As family-of-six-living-out-of-suitcases laundry piles up, and despite a visit from the Friendly-Folk a couple days later…

Wow, you have a lot more options than I do. That one controls spin…for delicates and stuff. And well, I just do this…and this, and…hmm….Have you checked the breaker? ….I think your washer and dryer must be German. By the way, those 2 huge green trash cans out front are not for recycling.

…everyday tasks in Fan-tasy Land will not be so easily conquered.

Fear not! Tomorrow is another day.

Tune in next week when Kay will name her Friend-Folk friend “Spat” for no good reason…


Kay, I mean Kristin King, is an author, real army wife, mom, Jesus-Lover and new expat living in the Netherlands. She (and her husband) usually blog about books, writing and the publishing industry. But sometimes life’s little Moments must be mentioned. (Search this blog for Moments or Holland for more.)


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