My Reading Challenge Update – Goodreads

16 Oct

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 10.49.05 PMWhat are you reading? What are the best books you’ve read this year? Goodreads can help you track it all.

There really is a feeling of accomplishment to setting a goal that challenges you and then achieving it.  Last year on Goodreads, I didn’t challenge myself that much it seems. 51 books gave me one a week with a week’s reading vacation (not that I ever take one of those). So this year I set the bar high, 100 books, and here it is October and 98 titles populate my done list.

It’s fun to glance over my “Friends” list and see what they’ve accomplished as well. One writer friend is over 20 books behind on her list, but she WROTE two novels this year. I know what kind of time that takes. Not many of my friends have completed their goal yet. Was the gal who shot for 600 titles serious?!?

600 is the kind of number that makes you check her reading–tons of children’s books, BTW. Yet I find myself intrigued. Between reading to my children, wanting to write a children’s book, publishing my first children’s author, and such, I want to plug in a huge number and plow through the library shelves with my 2nd graders in 2015.

Join me at Goodreads and ratchet up your own reading next year.

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