Holland Expat – First Autumn

06 Nov
Neighbor's leaf accumulation after about 3 days, worse than ours for entire season thus far.

Neighbor’s leaf accumulation after about 3 days, worse than ours for entire season thus far.

I knew autumn had officially arrived in Holland the day I mounted my bike and caught the fresh scent of wood smoke recently emitted from dozens of house chimneys in our neighborhood. Everyone keeps telling us to enjoy the good weather while we can as October had many sunny days with temps near 70 F (thanks global warming). Oh, I know I should take the environmental threat more seriously, but how can I not be grateful for the delay in my coming vitamin D deficiency? (linked to webMD)

Yes, doctors regularly prescribe vitamin D here through fall, winter, and spring. In fact, a recently departed expat’s physical showed him in fine health except for his extreme vitamin D deficiency (the worst the American doc had ever seen).

Let’s not dwell on the downside though. Instead squeal with me “Sweater Weather!” (linked to Pinterest) There, that makes everyone feel better. Jackets, colorful leaves on the ground (the wind and rain tear them down almost the moment they don their new hues), and a fabulous house discovery.

What? Yes, I know. I probably seem obsessed with our Dutch house. Have you ever stepped from the carpeted hall into the bathroom to brush your teeth in the morning and launched into the Cold Tile Floor Dance? It’s the one that looks like a kitten tippy-toing through a puddle. That won’t happen to my family in Holland. With radiators and the foresight to install pipes under the floor in the bathroom, feet sigh with heating pleasure as teeth are brushed.

Then it’s back outside for the delicious wood smoke. Oh look, even the wind in Holland smiles on me. Most of the leaves blow across the road into drifts against the neighbors’ hedge. Something to think about when house hunting in Holland. 😉


Kristin King is an American author recently relocated to the Netherlands. To peruse her novels and author information visit this link.

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