Holland Expat – Floating Tea Party

19 Nov
Photo © Kristine Noel Photography. See more at

Photo © Kristine Noel Photography . See more at

The canals are beautiful here–until you happen upon an area where trash is gathered. I mentioned this to another new comer around our third week in country and asked the Sustainability Group at my sons’ school if we could organize a kayaking canal clean-up day. Several folks said it was a great idea, but one friend ran with it. (Thank you Friend!).

She called it a Floating Tea Party, sent invitations, and organized kayak rentals (5 euro an hour). Moms met at our inner harbor (it’s smaller than an olympic pool), boarded, and cleaned their way down to the hot tea, coffee, and treats set up at the organizer’s house. I skipped the small slice of Italian creme cake, the red velvet and other cupcakes in order to enjoy a lemon crisp and Dutch pepernoten which I call buttons cookies. This was the first time I dropped the buttons in my hot tea individually and spooned them out. Yum!
Pepernoten (AKA Button) Cookies--traditional holiday fare that now comes covered in 3 types of chocolate as well ;-)

Pepernoten (AKA Button) Cookies–traditional holiday fare that now comes covered in 3 types of chocolate as well 😉

All too soon it was time to paddle back to the harbor to turn in the rentals. We are from different places–United Kingdom, The Netherlands, the US, Sweden, Hungary, Spain, Mexico–and yet here we become one community, one flotilla making a difference, crossing boundaries, and making friends.

I love being an Expat in Holland.


Kristin King is an American author recently relocated to the Netherlands. To peruse her novels and author information visit this link.

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