12 Days of Christmas in the Congo – The Children’s Fete Part II

30 Dec
First group of children singing for the Christmas Fete program.

First group of children singing for the Christmas Fete program.

Toward the end of the Christmas Fete program, I am required to give a small speech which I completely blow. I do not begin by honoring the church elders or thanking the guests, or recognizing those who worked with the children to put the party together. What I do say is short but heart-felt. I pray the spirit behind this speaks louder than words.

The children sing again and dance. This what puts smiles on all our faces. For the finale, they gather around Jaime and me to sing the English song again. Yes, they learned a song in English thought they don’t speak the language. It is a Christmas gift to us, the visitors. I don’t catch all the words. In the main they are singing:

We are many

We are one body in Messiah

Loving each other

I smile. I cry. After, I get a few hugs as most go from the church back to the center for snack.

They are precious.

Suffer the little children to come unto me, Jesus said to his disciples. Some adults do suffer when children enter the scene, invading the adult setting. The sticky hands, the inappropriate wiggles, the talking too loud, the mess left wherever they have been. To me it seems Jesus is saying, Let the adults suffer.” Little ones are always accepted by the Christ. In fact, any one of us that wants to be in God’s kingdom must come as a child according to the Bible. That is what we truly are before our heavenly Father, thoughtless wayward children with our messy lives because we do not listen and have no sense of the bigger picture. Yet we are precious to Him.

Precious when we come with simple trust that God is good. Trust that He means what He says. That God wants us. That God loves us. That all of our curiosity, questioning, and desires are just as important to Him as they are to us.

He is approachable God and He speaks to me through these children.


Kristin King is an author, publisher and president of the non-profit Future Hope Africa. This blog is about her travel to Africa to visit the educational mission.






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