Congo Christmas – Dr. King Presents

19 Jan
Congo Christmas – Dr. King Presents

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 11.07.06 PMBearing the name of someone renown once imbued a sense of hope to many parents, though Martin is not in the top 100 of any name rankings of which I know.  On a recent list from’s most popular names in the US, which goes all the way to the 1000th name, Martin ranks 263rd. Other historical names one might think popular include: Washington (doesn’t rank), Jefferson (#609), Jackson (#16), Lincoln (#95), Kennedy (#64 for girls), Reagan (104th for girls, 960th for boys), Madison (#9 for girls) and Franklin (495#) have all become common.

Having earned my doctorate, the history rich name I bear is Dr. King. And as I presented certificates of training upon which I signed that name during my Congo Christmas trip, I reflected on our pursuits at FHA Education ASBL and thought that what we were doing would have pleased Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We see educational gaps and inequalities and do whatever little things we can to help folks pursue their dreams.

Proud of our training certificate recipients

Proud of our training certificate recipients

What our educational mission in east Congo does goes beyond the student tutoring, training teachers, and disciplining youth, to providing what the local schools lack including a library, music lessons, and art. We respond to the needs that arise on the ground in country. When one young woman could not afford the bus fare from work to make it on time to her classes, we helped with a micro-loan so she could earn her way and begin growing a small business. Another young woman was never able to complete school but still dreamt of becoming a tailor, and we allotted a sponsorship for the apprenticeship she entered a few months ago.

And those I had the privilege of honoring just after Christmas completed school without ever receiving the practical skills to write resumes, engage in interviewing, and do other things necessary to successfully getting the professional jobs they seek. As I apply my signature on documents for our organization, I aspire to continue to give the name dignity and to honor the man most people remember when they hear someone say “Dr. King.”


Dr. Kristin F. Chaudoin King is a Christian author and president of the non-profit Future Hope Africa. She recently returned from  visiting FHA’s education mission in eastern Congo and is blogging from her travel journal about the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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