Actors Receiving Their First Academy Award Nominations in 2015

19 Feb
J.K. Simmons spotted across genres in photos on IMDb.

J.K. Simmons spotted across genres in photos on IMDb.

It must be a great thrill for an actor to receive his/her first Oscar nomination. Those who are in that category are listed below. Last weekend my husband and I were youtubing the Super Bowl commercials one of which featured J.K. Simmons, an actor with 149 credits on IMDb. His is a recurring face that you immediately know you’ve seen several places but might be hard pressed to recall the roles or movies. It’s great to see him break into the academy’s notice.

Several of the other nominees were of interest to me as I glanced them over. First was that Patricia Arquette’s move from movies to tv and back again doesn’t seem to be holding her back. Second, as much as Steve Carell’s performances have produced laughter, it took a serious dramatic role for him to earn the academy’s attention. Third, although many folks hardly recognize Eddie Redmayne’s name, his performance of “Empty Chairs At Empty Tables” was (IMO) the greatest rendition in the latest Les Miserables movie and is forever embedded in my mind.

Finally, Michael Keaton did you say? Yes! As a long-time fan I’m pulling hard for him to take home the gold.

Other actors are notable for their increasing number of nominations, prior wins and notable achievements–click-through here. Next up, how I missed most of this years nominees…


Kristin King is an author, publisher and US expat living in the Netherlands. Her top sellers are “Unsinkable Vampire” and the first novel in the  Begotten Bloods Series is “Cain’s Coven.

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