Mom and Pop Cooking Majorcan Style

28 Jul
Mallorcan Bake at Sinbad's in Puerto Pollensa ©Kristin King

Mallorcan Bake at Sinbad’s in Puerto Pollensa ©Kristin King

When traveling, it’s hard to go wrong if you order the food that the country or region is known for–unless, of course, you’re allergic. In Germany get the soup of the day and schnitzel, in France the croissant, in Belgium the fries and mussels, in Holland the pancake, in Italy the pasta followed by gelato. If the place is known for that dish, it is your MUST eat while you’re there.

Hence my late lunch of Mallorcan Cod. You’re probably looking at this dish wondering where the fish is. Layered in my terra cotta baking bowl are sliced potatoes, a thick steak-like cod slab, and a cooked vegetable mix of cabbage, greens, onions, and pine nuts topped with tomatoes.

Simbad’s on the “boardwalk” in Puerto Pollenca features hole-in-the-wall downhome hospitality, a mina bird cawing out some Spanish (or Catalan) phrase that sounds like it ends in “hombre,” and terrific daily specials.

This is Mom and Pop cooking at its best!


Kristin King is an author, publisher and President of Future Hope Africa.

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