E.R. Weight Limits (Life in Holland)

10 Aug
Chair with weight limit sticker in Dutch emergency room.

Chair with weight limit sticker in Dutch emergency room.

My husband and I divide and conquer when it comes to routine E.R. visits. Yes, we have four boys so the words “routine” and “emergency room” go together. For our last appointment (yes, you make an appointment for the E.R. in The Netherlands – more here on that), I took broken-finger boy and hubby stayed home with the other 3 children.

The Dutch do things differently. The whole family comes to the emergency room with. Families of four, six, an apparent dinner party of people young and old came traipsing into the E.R. waiting area and greeted those already seated.

Behind curtain number one though, where the nurse cleans my son’s wound and prepares the finger splint, there is only one chair for the injured person’s driver, and that chair has a weight limit clearly displayed on a large sticker.

Don’t take that seat if you weigh over 220 lbs (i.e. 100 kg).


 Kristin King is an author, publisher, mother of 4 sons, president of a nonprofit, and American expat living in Holland. She readily sat in the pictured chair and is contemplating losing some weight anyway. Her first book series, Begotten Bloods (BB), is paranormal romance/suspense.

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