Hair Color Hickey (Holland Expat)

20 Aug
Dream Hair - from my Pinterest Board of Hair Color

Dream Hair – from my Pinterest Board of Hair Color

The only time I’ve paid to maintain my color or cut in Europe was when I went blonde for the first time. Otherwise I do the deeds myself or wait to visit my sister-in-law’s salon in Kentucky.There are couple good reasons for this decision beyond the fact that I have four always hungry or soon to be hungry boys.

Blonde Days

Blonde Days

1) I actually paid for long layers in a highly recommended salon where the stylist made me bend upside down as she combed my wet hair out in a redwood Alf-alpha before cutting off the ends. Gee, I can do that at home, I thought. 2) Dark hair of various shades is easy for someone as not picky about their hair as I am. If coverage isn’t quite even, hey that’s low lights and highlights, right?

This is not to say that I won’t pay the big bucks for a stunning new look. Case in point, hot pink hair. You’ve never seen so many teens talking to a chaperone at church service camp. Hair is fun. Change should be noticeable–especially when you pay full price. My husband, though, could eat cheeseburgers 7 days a week (seriously, I tested this early in our marriage), and he likes my hair long and brown–or black. So I usually only experiment when he is deployed to Afghanistan or such and there is a little extra “pick me up” money in the budget.



When my adolescent son first starting commenting on how much grey my hair showed, I thought I’d found a fail safe method to determine when to color again. Unfortunately (for my hair which really doesn’t matter in the big scheme of things), he came home from his church camp a changed youth.

“You should be yourself. Don’t try to be young,” he said.

“I’m not trying to be young, I’m trying to look young,” I said, not sounding quite the sage. I modified, “Or at least not look older than I am.”

He gives me that “my crazy mom” look and heads off to shoot ball in the front driveway. He’s a great kid–I’m so proud to be his mom.

How do we find balance? Is it “Be yourself” or “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Today we meet the teachers at the international school and enjoy an ice cream social with friends and new faces. How do I prepare? I color my hair. A stray dark smudge on my neck did not get the immediate soap it needed. I scrub at it a bit, pleased to see the smudge grow smaller. Uh oh. Too much scrubbing left a round red spot on my neck.

Wonder what my sons’ teachers will think of my hair color hickey?


 Kristin King is an author, publisher, mother of 4 sons, president of a nonprofit, and American expat living in Holland (Whew!). She would love to see your new cut or color, and more of her dream colors are on Pinterest. Her first book series, Begotten Bloods (BB), is paranormal romance/suspense which features very normal hair.


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