Facial Recognition Fails

11 Nov

IMG_7063_face0(Alternate Title might have been “how to turn a 10 minute job into a half day project”)

Productive procrastination is the name of the game. So not long ago, there I was noting how many images on my hard drive are these “face” files. The mac conveniently makes a separate image of every face from every photo so you can use the facial recognition function in iPhoto and….well, I don’t know what most people do with these. My mission that day…DELETE.

Wait just one second. There’s a really cute one of my son in his first sweatshirt. Oh look! Daddy made such a funny face. Ha! Okay…I’ll sort through and keep some of the best while freeing up massive space on my computer.

Obviously there were a few truly terrible shots of us that needed to be obliterated. Greta Garbo gave good face, but boy our family sure doesn’t all the time.

IMG_5366_face3The seemingly random photos on this post are notable face.jpg files the computer generated. Huh? That’s odd. There’s not a face in any of these. Facial recognition fails. Guess this might be a comfort to anyone concerned about privacy issues and this type of software. IMG_5329_face0

Oh! I should have identified the pastry as Patty to see what the search for other images of her would turn up. Darn. Missed opportunity to waste more time. I mean…uh…conduct more research on the limits and failures of amateur facial recognition systems.


Kristin King is an author who spends too much time getting no where with technology. She wishes every electronic was as intuitive and easy to use as the advertisements claim. She is thankful for youtube how-to videos.

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