My Cause

10 Jan

I hope you have a cause, one that lies heavy on your heart in a good way. The good way is the one that motivates you to move. To make a difference. Even if it is for only this one. This one is yours. Reach out.

My cause is over on the right on my blog page. It is at the bottom of every email I send. Just in case. Someone else my be looking. May be drawn to share this with me and with the others volunteering time and resources for Future Hope Africa.

Africa. I am more likely to watch a report on central Africa than I am to watch a presidential debate. So I share this report, because I’ve been to the lake between Rwanda and DR Congo where our education center is located. I’ve crossed the bridge where armed guards stand wary on both sides.

There are always sides. Yet, there are always places where the two sides may meet…if they dare.


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