Do Foodies Eat This? (February Foodie)

02 Feb
Grapes heavy on the vine near Pescara, Italy (lower calf of the boot).

Grapes heavy on the vine near Pescara, Italy (lower calf of the boot).

What is a foodie? Without googling it, I tend to think of someone who is a real connoisseur, loves cooking or eating and is also someone who can pick up on the spices and other ingredients used in recipes. Unfortunately, that’s not me. I’d rather someone else did the cooking, even if it’s my 8-year-old. I like to eat, of course, but tend to get stuck in ruts. And those elusive tastes that others describe with perfect clarity on ingredients remain beyond my tongue’s discrimination.

That said, enjoying the food is a huge part of traveling and living abroad. Also, February Foodie sounds so much better than any of the other titles I thought I’d give this month. You’re probably thinking, she doesn’t blog about food much, and you are totally correct. I do take photos of food as I travel and eat diverse dishes. What should I do with all those images?

Assign a theme to February and shoot them out to the world. That’s reasonable, right? What does it matter if the first food of the month was chocolate-covered bacon.

Remember, though, I’m one of those sorts that is easily distracted. So if you see something else popping up on the screen–like a story about my husband getting hit by a car on his bike–don’t be surprised.

Here’s to a February Foodie…(too bad I don’t live in Finland).


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