Scotland’s Highlander Fare (February Foodie)

03 Feb

Full Scottish Breakfast

Is it un-patriotic to admit I like the salmon from Scotland better than from Alaska? That’s one of the things I discovered when visiting Scotland for the first time. My husband and I had several good meals while wandering the heather-ed hills visiting Glasgow, Loch Ness, Ft. William, and Castle Urquhart.

For today’s February Foodie post I offer you two plates. The first is a full-Scottish breakfast which is a bit different from the full-English version I’ll feature later in the month. When I post that one, you’ll have to see if you can remember and spot the differences. Maybe you already know some?

These are the kinds of breakfasts that set you on your feet for touring and get you through to late afternoon. Eggs how you like them, rasher of bacon (that looks like ham to an American), beans, tomato, mushrooms, banger (i.e. sausage), and the never-forgotten portion of Haggis (i.e. blood sausage patty) which I actually like. It’s very dark but tastes of hearty grains and meat. Certainly competes with most any big-breakfast menu items Stateside.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 12.11.43 PM

The second plate is of Ryan’s highland venison steak dinner. You can tell by the way his knife and fork are poised that he could hardly wait to dig in. The aroma of the plum sauce almost made me regret my salmon choice. Lucky for me, I have a husband who if very patient and kind to share. So tender and not too gamey at all! (FYI – “gamey” is also spelled “gamy”.)

This meal was eaten at The Clansman Hotel dining room (highly recommended) overlooking Loch Ness.

Sadly, Nessie did not make an appearance during the meal.

Kristin King

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