Not-So French Fries (Belgian Snacks)

06 Feb

When I moved to Belgium, I quickly became convinced that this little French-speaking corner of Europe was the originator of the so-called “French Fry.” Why? Because they have the best fried spuds in the entire world. Sorry Mom, your fresh cuts were darn good, but these…mmm.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 11.48.17 AM

Check out the guy tossing the frites, as they call them, to perfectly coat them with salt. Master Chef’s got nothing on this fella. I am convinced the secret to these bar-none top-of-the-line fries is three-fold. 1) Always fresh never frozen (at least at the better places), 2) pre-fried, drained, and re-fried to serve, and 3) sauces galore.

Now I buy my own pre-fried frozen cuts at the Holland grocer, and they are a cut above most. In fact, my Dutch neighbors and I can pay extra for the “Belgian” cuts. I must not be alone if this is the choice for savvy marketing.

My older sons still recall fondly their favorite Fry Shack in the Belgian Wallonie Province. Only aged five and six at the time, they remember their favorite sauces as well. You may see a dozen sauce choices elsewhere in the EU, but in our stellar deep-frying establishment with seating for 16 at four tables, there were near 50 sauce choices. Top 3 with the Kings?

1. Andalouse

2. Samurai

3. Hannibal

So integral are these dips to our home-fry experience, that I replenish our supply regularly from across the border. Are there good sauces in The Netherlands? Certainly. These others just can’t be beat. Skip the croquettes, sausages, and other meat options when you hit the Fritteries from Brussels to the southwest of this lowland country. Make a meal solely of the Belgian Fries. They are worth the focus, and besides…you want to save room for your afternoon snack…the Belgian Waffle.


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