P is for Publishing Unexpectedly

19 Apr

If  you are blogging, you are publishing. On a regular basis you are putting content out there for the world to find (or not) and read or peruse. You are both writer and publisher. That’s how our books started out as well. My husband and I finished our first novels, sought agents, pitched, and found out our books were not marketable enough for the investment of a big traditional publisher. So we became the publishers ourselves.

Publishing other people’s’ work was not part of the plan. Rather, our stated mission is to encourage others to write and take the road we have. Get your stuff out there! As a reader and bibliophile, thinking of finished stories languishing in a box, on a drive or floating inaccessible on a cloud creates a strange ache in my chest. With millions upon millions of readers, some of them are waiting for you story, your book, your voice to reach them.

Irene’s manuscript was actually the first that came to me while I was wearing my publisher hat. I published an anthology for my youth writers group as a charitable project called Living WaterWorks. One of my students told me her grandmother’s best friend wrote a book. Would I take a look at it? Well, of course. How could I say no to one of my mentees?

If you’ve been reading the A to Z excerpts, you have glimpsed a small part of what drove me to publish, to take on someone else’s works and bring their story to you. It was unexpected, this must-do urge that came over me when reading Irene’s memoirs. I could not let myself be just one of a handful that got to read her amazing World War 2 childhood, the way she hid as a boy for 3 years traveling East Germany and sneaking across the border to provide for her family, how her nursing career came to be and operated under Soviet communism, how she narrowly escaped to freedom.

Publishing Unexpectedly.  Now Irene has readers, though not nearly enough IMO. Such testimony should be heard far and wide, spoken of beside other non-fiction must-reads of the era.

Do you have questions for Irene or me about the times? Others who’ve read her books certainly have. Are you or someone you know sitting on a book? Get it out there!

Coming next….Q is for Questions from Readers


Kristin King finds more questions every time she reads Irene’s books. Her biggest question though is will she get to see Irene again, do a book signing together, eat another Applebee’s special. Holland is a long way from Maryland, but she sincerely hopes so.





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2 responses to “P is for Publishing Unexpectedly

  1. Liz A.

    April 20, 2016 at 2:01 am

    I wouldn’t call it sitting on a book. I’d call it slow walking the edits so that it’ll get done. Eventually.

  2. dalecooper57

    April 19, 2016 at 1:48 pm

    I have considered trying to condense my on-going Stream of Consciousness Saturday story; The Wrong Stuff, into some form of e-book, but I’m not sure it will work in its present form. It is probably only one or two episodes away from completion, so when it’s done, I’ll look at it and see if I think I can do anything with it.
    I do know that having a few short stories published (for, as yet, no return) was quite a thrill though, so it would be nice to have a go, we’ll see.


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