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06 Apr


Encouraging #Quotes from #CorrieTenBoom for the A to Z Challenge 2017

Corrie’s family lived above their Clock Shop in Haarlem, Holland. 10 Amazing Things…About Corrie Ten Boom notes:

Since the watchmaker’s shop had many customers constantly coming and going, it was the perfect secret location, since it didn’t easily raise suspicions….The secret room built into Corrie’s bedroom behind a false wall became the hiding place and refuge for both Jews and those who were members of the resistance movement, sought out by the Gestapo and Dutch authorities. This small space was the size of a small wardrobe closet and could hold up to six people at a time. There was a buzzer in the house which signaled danger as security sweeps came through the neighborhood, giving the refugees just over a minute to safely hide. There in this small space, they would have to remain very still and quiet, until an all-clear was given.

You can visit the Ten Boom house and take the route up the stairs to crawl into The Hiding Place yourself. When Corrie’s family was arrested, the Nazis posted guards for days but were unable to find the hidden people.

I’ve stood in that space and still cannot imagine what those people went through. –Kristin

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