K is for Knee Power #AtoZChallenge

13 Apr


Whenever visitors came Mother would spread her arms wide and welcome them. Then, at the dinner table, Father would always bless our visitors, thanking God that our house was privileged by their presence. It was always a special occasion for us all. I well remember the sister-in-law of a minister who spent the night with us. The next morning Tanta Anna went to her room and found her sheet twisted into a rope and lying across the bed. “What is this?” Tante Anna asked. The woman broke down in tears. “I must confess. Last night I wanted to commit suicide. I made my sheet into a rope and tied it around my neck to jump from the window. But I could not forget the prayer at the dinner table, as Mr. Ten Boom thanked God that I could come and share in this hospitality. God spared my life through that prayer. (Excerpt from “Tramp for the Lord” by Corrie Ten Boom)


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Posted by on April 13, 2017 in Living in Holland


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