Tiny Fuel Bill – Will Miss U, Goodbye Holland

02 May


What I will miss about living in Holland

…and what new folks can look forward to.

We unintentionally became a one car family when we moved to The Netherlands. My husband’s work moves one car for your use overseas, and normally we buy an old beater to supplement. We went very Dutch in the Netherlands, though, as my husband joined the 1 in 4 workers who bike to work. Our children biked to and from school, and I even biked for many of my errands until my last bike accident put me on crutches.

Biking downtown, to a friend’s house, to the park, to the beach (etc.) have all become the norm for our family. Our older sons have the freedom of transportation I never had till I turned 16. They’ve biked to Leiden, to the lake, to The Hague, as well as used great public transportation.

What will I miss when we return to rural America?

The tiny fuel bill for our vehicle.

I kept track our 3 of our last months in The Netherlands. Even when you add in regular maintenance of our bikes (about 20 EUR a month), public transport use (26 EUR), paying for parking (25 EUR including 2 EUR you have to pay to park at the hospital), and a road trip to Germany, our transportation costs have been minuscule compared to the U.S.

Goodbye 116 euro a month transportion costs. We’ll miss you.


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