Happy #Day to You, and You, and You #Girlfriend

14 May

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Today I say “Happy Day” to my online friends who have no children to call their own. To my friends who have watched as other women receive a flower at church, perhaps a flower for each child, as many women will today. You have watched as I used to, year after year with ebbs and flows of longing as that symbol passed by. Happy Day to the ladies who could no longer bear it and choose to stay home away from the hoopla wherever it appears in our communities. My dear friend who calls her own mother to give a greeting she herself may never hear.

Today I celebrate my friends who chose a different path, who pour their mothering might into other mothers’ children at schools, at churches, at childcare facilities, through Big Sister programs. You give so much. I thank you.

Happy Day to my friend on the next round of IVF. Happy Day to my friends scraping, saving, and raising money for that adoption. Happy Day to my friends trying again.

How well I remember my first Mother’s Day flower. In only a few months we would bring our first two sons home from Ethiopia. Flat stomached and expecting, I accepted a long stemmed rose from a youth. A flower so heavy with pain from the past and hope for the future that I sank beneath the weight pressing down on my chest into my stomach. Tears flowed, a silent torrent of emotions, most unidentifiable. Overwhelmed.

Today I pray blessing and comfort for my friends who raised for a time, within or without, a child who is no longer here to give greetings. To my friend who raised her sons to adulthood and lost them both. To my cousin who mourns the baby come too early, who she never got to hold. To my friend who held her daughter for only a few hours before her precious child slipped away.

We say Happy Mother’s Day. I’ve said it already, heard it already this morning. My secret heart goes elsewhere, though, to be with you ladies who live the struggle and face each day, even this one, with courage, hope, and love. Today I say “Happy Day” with wishes and prayers for you. Let us never be far from each others’ understanding hearts.


P.S. Wrote this before church and another group of moms came and stayed on my mind, Happy Day to women and men who would love to say Happy Mothers Day one more time to their mom but can’t.

At church the time for roses came. All the children were called down front to help distribute those long stems…to every woman. “Mothers and spiritual mothers who mentor and encourage,” she said. Yes! And what would you expect from the sermon on Mothers Day? The preach, as it is called here, was about Singleness, what Jesus said about being single and the gift it can be as well as our role in supporting each other whatever our time of life. Love our church home and family here in The Hague. Will miss Redeemer International so much when we move.

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