Z is for Z to A on The Bible Says What (About Money) #AprilA2ZChallenge

30 Apr

Z is for a review with quick links. A to Z isn’t the end, but I hope this covers the biggies and give you a great place to start. With 2,000 verses about money, the topic is second only to love in God’s word. I believe He wants us to handle with care. –Kristin

Z is Z to A

Y is for Yoked 

X is for Xtra

W is for Wages & Work

V is for Vows

U is for Usury

T is for Taxes

S is for Schemes

R is Root of All Evil

Q is Questioning God

P is Plodding to Prosperity

O is for Offerings

N is Ndulgence

M is Multiplying Money

L is Loaning

K is for Keep

J is for Justice

I is Inheritance

H is for Humility

G is Good Good Father

F is Floodgates

E is Enjoy

D is Diversify Investments

C is Cursed by Debt

B is the B-word (Budget)

A is All Belong to God

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