How to Turn Off the F word #PredictiveText #autofill

23 Jan

screen shot 2019-01-23 at 10.50.38 amI selected the Contact for a text this morning, and before I had typed one letter, my new Samsung recommended the F-word. What the heck?

Now I know how to remove words from that pesky autofill recommendation list and wanted to share this with you.

I recently made the switch from iPhone to Samsung and have been pleased for the most part. It took me awhile to train my brain to recognize the different app icons, and I have asked for help with my few issues and gotten them straightened out in short order. My only complaint about my Samsung now is “predictive text.”

My iPhone learned my most common words, like the names of my sons, really quickly. In fact, I can’t remember my iPhone ever recommending to autofill a word like “fun” into the F-word. Never recommended it to me…or any other swear words. That was one smart, smart phone.

Today I’d had enough and went searching for how to block profanity. What I found were tons of sites telling you how to get rid of phone “censorship.” Most people want to be able to swear and have complained and found tons of work-arounds. As a parent I really appreciate that some companies have auto blocking going on which can then be turned off by more mature users.

Today I learned that I can touch and hold any of the recommended words and get a prompt to “Remove” that word from my predictive text settings.  Simple as that. Yay!

As I’ve tossed around this problem in my mind today, I realized that Samsung might not be at fault. In fact, I’m pretty sure they aren’t. My son borrows my phone to do Snapchat sometimes and made use of it a good bit over the weekend.


Makes me wonder.

Maybe my next step should be to look into how to check that.

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