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Old School Promotion

Hometown Paper

I worked for a professional story-teller, managing the office, mailings and such. That is where I first saw Press Releases and mailed them out.

Before that I always thought reporters went out and found stories. How wrong I was.

When it comes to entertainment sections, local businesses, and human interest pieces many of them are self-composed and self-submitted. Interesting, huh?

The IndieWriteNet Insider had a piece not too long ago on authors doing press releases, and I think it’s worth a look-see. There are some good pointers, and although the New York Times may not feature you just yet, your home town(s), alma mater, and such might give you some excellent face time.

For more info head over to IndieWriteNet.

Hometown Signing Event

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Book Promotion that works? Blog within a blog within a blog 🙂 Interesting numbers.

David VanDyke's Author Blog

Here’s a great post by fellow author Nick Stephenson, explaining his experiences with KDP select and an ERederNewsToday promo, with comparisons.

While I agree with Nick as far as it goes, I also think it’s important to point out that ANYTHING that sells your book is good; his well-executed free promo netted him more money than the ENT promo, but the latter was still profitable and put money in his pocket and for a few days expanded his recognition.

I think of things like this as leaping upward for a time, before gravity always brings you down. Even bestselling books eventually fall in the ratings. The only question is how long they stay in that “air.” For the relatively new indie authors like me and Nick, any air is good air.

Combine this advice with everything you already have heard – or should have – about building your brand…

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Writing vs. Publishing

Writing vs. Publishing–some real gems in here. Take a look.

The words of Danny Kemp.

The struggles of an aspiring author are widely known, it is a tough, uncompromising industry to break into. You have to get used to rejection, and constantly strive to improve your own work in order to reach an extremely high level of perfection. Many on this journey experience dramatic highs and lows with some giving up because of this and the loneliness of it all.

It does not have to be that way anymore.

Before the digital age, a writer’s only entrance into publication, and the readership they sought, was through the old and trusted method offered by traditional publishing houses, who had a shared monopoly of the market. That’s all changed, and dramatically so.

Nowadays many options are available.

That old way is still there of course but it has adapted to the modern world and the competition that self-publishing and print on demand, having moved on and developed…

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What do you create?: A Blog to Highlight

Creative Scene Investigations Blog

Genevieve Scholl has an interesting blog for anyone creatively inclined: “CSI-Creative Scene Investigation.”

As an author, Genevieve’s focus is often book related with reviews of books, book covers, author interviews, blogs, and GiveAways. She doesn’t stop there, though. Recently she reviewed two restaurants and the TV show “Once Upon A Time.” 

The best part about Genevieve’s blog IMO is that she is constantly featuring artist news, blogs, and new material from other Creative Types. She is open to Cross-Promotions and is friendly and as approachable as all get out. What do you create? CSI would like to talk about it.

Here’s her description of her blog:

“Creative mind under the microscope.” I blog about anything creative; photographer, writing, movies, TV Shows, Art (new venture that hasn’t started yet), etc. After I became a published writer, it occurred to me that people don’t really know the person behind the writing and I wanted to “dissect” those people that work so hard on the things that we enjoy and get to the root of who they are: Their DNA so to speak.

About Genevieve personally she writes:

I am an author, photographer, editor, cover designer, beta-reader, reviewer (books, movies, and restaurants), avid reader of almost all genres, studying paralegal, Slowly becoming multilingual, and looooooooooove food! I love to experiment, create, paint, travel, etc. I love nature (except for bugs). I live in New York State (not the big city, but still), want to travel all over the world, wish to retire in Ireland, was born in Texas. I collect snowglobes, stuffed animals, and celebrity memorabilia. I have an obsession with the Titanic and anything have to do with it (can’t wait until Titanic 2 is finished being built), Abraham Lincoln, and Amelia Earhart.

It did not surprise me to discover Genevieve obsessed with all things Titanic. There are more of us out there than you might think. But now I find myself wondering if she’s read my book Unsinkable Vampire. In my world that’s a like yelling “Squirrel!”

Do you think she’s read it?

I’ll go ask.


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The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

One aspect of writing I enjoy is getting to know other authors and aspirants. There is a terrific community of support, encouragement and sharing. My own interactions in that community began when I attended the Unicorn Writers Conference last spring, and now branch through FB groups, indie writers networks, Linked-In and beyond.  A blog hop is one way to share and support one another’s creative endeavors.

So when Cynthia P. Willow, author of a recent holiday hit entitled Hell’s Christmas, asked our FB group for authors interested in doing a blog hop, I jumped on board. These leaps along my author journey force me out of my comfort zone, force me to learn. For instance, I have no idea how to embed links in this blog, by the time it’s due I’m hoping I’ll have it figured out. That skill will improve my blog and ebooks as well as provide valuable support to other authors I interact with.

The Next Big Thing asks a few simple questions about the author’s WIP. I have linked to Cynthia’s blog and fellow Hop author Brad Francis‘s.


Death Taint: Begotten Bloods Book Two

Where did the idea come from?

A dream about an older woman attacked by a vampire as she walked home from her waitressing job kick started the series. Another vampire descends on them and tries to save the woman mid-attack. That particular scene is not in this book but in the next one (Book Three) in the series.


It’s paranormal suspense with a romantic core. Romance is a centerpiece of my works across genres, but according to the Romance Writers of America (Yes, I am a member), you can’t call a book romance if the couple doesn’t end up together in the end. Usually my couples have happy (for now) endings, but it’s not guaranteed.

What actors would play your character in a movie version?

Jennifer Lawrence (Hunger Games and a fellow Kentucky native) would make a great female lead and probably enjoy the challenge of portraying Desta Hamilton, a blind but fiery red head.

Jennifer Lawrence

The male lead is harder for me to peg. In my mind a Chris Hemsworth (Thor)/Dwayne Johnson (Fast & Furious) rolled into one would do it.


Dwayne Johnson

Chess Cain is an intimidatingly large, confident flirt in the first book who gets the proverbial rug pulled out from under his life in this second installment of Begotten Bloods. Hemsworth put on 20 lbs to play Thor, so maybe he could put on more, but how would he look with Chess’s dark Italian locks?

Short Synopsis

Navigating life with a long white cane means Desta Hamilton always stands out, but she’s left the city to pursue a normal life out from under the watchful eyes of personal security. When Chess Cain arrives on her doorstep with a delivery, his rich voice charms, and her future takes a detour into danger.

Chess won his battle with self-control over 200 years ago only to find it raging anew in the presence of Desta. Vamped out, amped up, and on edge, Chess struggles for restraint little realizing that Desta’s greatest peril approaches in the form of an ancient messenger who is laying a trail of death straight to Cain.

Agency Representation

My own indie press, Three Kings Publishing

How long did it take to write the first draft?

That’s complicated since I’ve been writing three books in the series simultaneously. It’s taken well over a year, though.

What other books in the genre compare?

In the genre? Not much. Yes, there are good and bad vampires like Twilight, but nobody glistens and sensitivity to daylight is tied to age in my vampire mythology. I’ve always enjoyed the history Anne Rice built into her vampires’ back stories, so I try to get some of that in there as well. For instance, Justice Cain fought in the French Revolution and Chess was a painter’s apprentice in Renaissance Italy.

Any other in this genre?

I think the suspense and romance combination are reminiscent of The Guardian from Dee Henderson‘s O’Malley series.

Who or what inspired this WIP?

So many places and experiences inspire my work: first job at McDonalds, visiting friends back home who owned an auto repair shop, the best bachelorette party I ever attended, bowling with friends at Penn State. The list goes on and on. It doesn’t hurt that I spent 10 years living in Europe or that I go on extended road trips a couple times a year.

As for who, my inspiration and motivation for pursuing writing as a long career continues to be my husband, best friend and fellow author, Ryan KingAuthor Ryan King

Anything else to add?

Indie authors today can take their work(s) in any direction. The Begotten Blood Series will have at least three novels, two novellas, and a collection of short stories before it’s done. Where else can you do that? It’s simply a fabulous time to be writing.

Also, social media is a part of what makes this all possible. Networking with fellow authors like David van Dyke, who started a science fiction action series in 2012, and Mary C. Findley, who has homeschool books to her credit, producing a fund-raising book (Living WaterWorks) with young writers to provide clean water in Africa, giving a portion of sales to promote great causes like Future Hope Africa, Water of Life, and the 30-Hour Famine, and raising awareness in our digital world community is a great privilege and blessing for which I thank God every day.

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The usefulness of social media is often debated, but David seems to be doing things the right way.

David VanDyke's Author Blog

After a rather disappointing three-day promo over the Thanksgiving weekend I was feeling a bit down. I had just released The Reaper Plague, my third novel in the Plague Wars series (see earlier posts) and done the promo to hopfully publicize this. I’d also been told that Amazon does some promotion of just-released books in the 30-90 day range, so I was hoping for some synergy. What did I get? More or less nada. Hardly a bump. Not even that many downloads compared to some I’ve done in the past, despite plastering the free book sites with notices.

But then an interesting thing happened. My wonderful wife Beth discovered Twitter. She’s already my marketer on a very steep learning curve – she just took it all on in earnest about a month ago, before that I was doing everything myself. Now she is building me a new website, she set…

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