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Shocked by Life Insurance Offer

When my husband handed me the mail, he mentioned that he signed up to receive info about life insurance. Since he retired from the Army, his military coverage is going by the wayside. We do have some life insurance for both of us, but considering university costs for four children might be down the road, we were thinking of a term policy to cover that time.

I opened the large envelope and stilled–staring at the information page. “Monthly rates as low as $2.17 per month for Children’s Life Insurance.” Four age brackets were listed; 0-7, 8-15, 16-21, 22-25. Policy amounts listed as $5K, $10K, $15K, $20K, $25.

I couldn’t take it in really. My head was saying $5,000 might not cover a funeral. But a funeral for one of my children. Losing one of them, the thought of preparing for a possible loss is repugnant. Holding the paper in my hands turns my stomach.

Yet, so many people face the loss of a child. My thoughts ran rampant from the St. Jude’s solicitations in the post to the loss of my little cousin back before I had children of my own.Watching The Fault in Our Stars with my eldest son over school break.The 12 year old at our church killed in a car accident before Christmas.

I just cannot imagine.

Should we consider insuring our children? The advice my father, a man who spent his career in the insurance industry, gave when I first chose between full automobile coverage and liability-only was “You only insure what you can’t afford to lose.” What I can’t afford to lose?

Most insurance agents and advisors can agree, though, on one point: Other, more critical financial matters should come first before you even think about buying a life insurance policy on a child. Those include building an adequate emergency savings fund, making sure you and the child’s other parent have enough life insurance and disability insurance, building savings for the child’s college tuition, and getting your own retirement savings on track. (

Gathering the insurance information in two hands to put it in recycling I say a prayer for those who have experienced this loss, at any age, and at the same time thank God we have not joined their ranks.

Heavy hearted-Kristin


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Writing Inspiration – The Fault in Our Stars

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 10.23.41 AM

I tweeted several great lines including this one.

It’s great to read a book that inspires you to write more of your own book. For instance, today I was reading John Green’s The Fault in our Stars (because my youth said I HAD to read it), and along about page 30 I had a vision of one of my characters painting on the sidewalk–street artist style with canvas and all.

If you’ve read The Fault, right now you’re saying, “There’s no street artist at the beginning of that book.”

Pretty fab huh?

It’s how inspiration works, coming at you sideways in seemingly non-related form, how songs inspire fiction inspire songs inspire paintings inspire writing inspire sculpture, etc.

Let the inspiration appreciation begin.



Kristin King is an author, publisher, and on the board for Future Hope Africa. Recently she moved to Holland and is doing blogs about her experiences there in addition to posts about books and writing.