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Sabotaging My Blog #ticks #ark #writing

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On my writers retreat, my friend and I had this big talk about blogs and what writer blogs should look like. My blog is actually the poster child for what not to do: unfocused, topic jumping, not about writing or books most of the time, etc.

In the spirit of continuing to sabotage my blog, here are few items of interest from around the web.

Wishing a terrific 4th of July.

ūüėČ Kristin

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Facial Recognition Fails

IMG_7063_face0(Alternate Title might have been “how to turn a 10 minute job into a half day project”)

Productive procrastination is the name of the game. So not long ago, there I was noting how many images on my hard drive are these “face” files. The mac conveniently makes a separate image of every face from every photo so you can use the facial recognition function in iPhoto and….well, I don’t know what most people do with these. My mission that day…DELETE.

Wait just one second. There’s a really cute one of my son in his first sweatshirt. Oh look! Daddy made such a funny face. Ha! Okay…I’ll sort through and keep some of the best while freeing up massive space on my computer.

Obviously there were a few truly terrible shots of us that needed to be obliterated. Greta Garbo gave good face, but boy our family sure doesn’t all the time.

IMG_5366_face3The seemingly random photos on this post are notable face.jpg files the computer generated. Huh? That’s odd. There’s not a face in any of these. Facial recognition fails. Guess this might be a comfort to anyone concerned about privacy issues and this type of software. IMG_5329_face0

Oh! I should have identified the pastry as Patty to see what the search for other images of her would turn up. Darn. Missed opportunity to waste more time. I mean…uh…conduct more research on the limits and failures of amateur facial recognition systems.


Kristin King is an author who spends too much time getting no where with technology. She wishes every electronic was as intuitive and easy to use as the advertisements claim. She is thankful for youtube how-to videos.

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Indie Author Laughs at One Star Book Reviews

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 11.08.38 PM

Flip back through their posts–I shook my head or grinned more and more.

For more laughs, head over to

The website is pretty much full of classics and excerpts from their undeserved one star reviews.

–Kristin ūüėÄ


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R is for Romance – In Every Genre

Kindle version here.

Kindle version here.

Inspired by the A to Z Blog Challenge.

Check out my Goodreads “Read” list and you’ll find a lot of romance. Maybe it’s my favorite genre or at least quick read genre. I do like every book to have a bit in it. While enjoying a sci-fy like Ender’s Game, dystopian like Divergent, or post-apocalyptic like Glimmer of Hope, I can’t help imagining where a romance might be or where the hints of one is going. (Did anyone else think Petra liked Ender? And by “like” I mean like-liked.) ūüėČ

Sometimes I even get to influence the making of romance. While I write Romantic Suspense, my husband’s stories are more graphic Adventure. Glimmer of Hope is the first novel in his Land of Tomorrow series and the main character is married. Nathan loves Bethany‚Ķthat’s great, BUT they also have two teenage sons. (Spoiler Alert) As the family treks across post-nuclear North American, the sons help rescue a group of female slaves.

Read Divergent here to see what the movie missed.

Read Divergent here to see what the movie missed.

In my mind that is the perfect opportunity for budding romance. Unfortunately, Glimmer of Hope was already huge (2  books in 1 essentially), so the romance had to wait till Book Two, Children of Wrath, and even then it takes a sideline. At least it is there, though.

Then in No Kinda Life, hubby’s Texas Ranger rides into town and finds a beautiful woman under the thumb of the suspect Mayor (kinda Book of Eli-esque), and I see the opportunity for romance. Again, it’s a sideline and doesn’t turn out the way one expects, but somehow I am very proud for encouraging this extra element in the story. The battles he creates are terrific, there is just this one thing that was missing and now isn’t as often.

Visit the post-apocalyptic Republic of Texas.

Visit the post-apocalyptic Republic of Texas.

What I learned when I joined Romance Writers of America is that the genre is defined by the lovers getting together in the end (see RWA genre elements here). But is that the end of the first book or the end of the series? RWA seems to say the end of the book. I can’t quite get on board with that, although I see the importance of drawing the line.

Still I tend to want to see the barest hint of romance in whatever I read, and indeed do see it when it might not even exist. The possibility of romance improves every genre, in my opinion. It is an element that even hard-core action writers should consider including. Why is it important in the larger scheme of life and literature? Check out Wild At Heart to find out.


Kristin and Ryan King are married authors who hope to someday meld their writing strengths in a zombie romance with great battles.

Click photo to connect with me on Goodreads.

Click photo to connect with me on Goodreads.


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G is for Giveaway – Titanic Giveaway

Kindle Book On Sale for 99 cents--Click photo.

Kindle Book On Sale for 99 cents–Click photo.

This¬†week is¬†the anniversary of the sinking of Titanic, and since my first ever published work was set on that ship¬†I thought it was time to host a giveaway. Audiobooks, audiobooks, audiobooks. You can enter to win one of three Unsinkable Vampire copies, or one of my husband’s audiobooks: No Kinda Life (post-apocalyptic western), The Hanging of Hard Barnes (L.A. Noir historical fiction), or The Last Man (post-apocalyptic journey).¬†Unfortunately, doesn’t allow the widget for the giveaway, so you’ll have to visit this link.

Why stop with one Giveaway? I thought.

If you like to browse books and possibly win one, visit the “Explore” tab at Goodreads. There is always a long list of books organized by Ending Soon, Most Requested (if you like bad odds), Popular Authors (like David Baldacci, Terry Brooks, and Mary Higgins Clark), and Recently Listed. Browse Goodreads Giveaways here.

Or you could go for the sure thing.

As a publisher, I give away a weekly freebie (short read) that I list here and Tweet here. A dystopian tale called The Protectors by Ryan King is free till Easter,

From the cover of The Protectors,  Dystopian book FREE till Easter. Click here to download.

From the cover of The Protectors, Dystopian book FREE till Easter. Click here to download.

Charles R. King’s military history¬†Discipline and Decline: Collected Essays on Ancient Rome¬†is free till Sunday as well.

Then there are always the Freebies you can access via the Top 100 Bestsellers (Free) on Amazon, or you can do a quick search on Twitter for #FreeBooks.

This way the odds really are “ever in your favor.”


Kristin King is an author and publisher. She thought G was scheduled and already published, but a couple of kind friends notified her it was not. Thus, G comes after M. 


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C is for Cards: Issues for a Blind Character

Is the book I choose for my blind character to read even available in Braille?

Is the book I choose for my blind character to read even available in Braille?

Check out other A to Z Blogs by searching your blog host or twitter for #AtoZBlogChallenge or visit here.

Can a 21-year-old blind girl play cards with her sighted friends?  One of the reasons I like writing fiction is because when I sit down to write I can jump straight in and get the story and characters down. Research, though, is a part of almost every kind of writing. Sometimes I skip over the part that needs to be researched and forge ahead. Sometimes the research stops me dead in my tracks for a while.

This happened not long after I got my ideas down for Desta Cartwright, the blind heroine in my second novel, Death Taint. The heroine from my first novel was moving in with a blind roomie. How would the cabinets be organized? The lay out of the furniture? There were roommate adjustments beyond the norm. Desta moved off to the small town to be independent for the first time in her life. How would she search the web? Play cards? What job would she have? And can she knit? Knitting played an important role in one of the pivotal scenes of the book. (Curious? Read this scene in the sample here.)

So I turned to research and writing lagged. Now I have an entire document called “Issues for the Blind” with all my notes about cooking, furniture arrangement, labeling items in home, relationships, technology available and its costs, etc. The section on using a cane vs. a guide dog is so interesting, but I needed to figure out why MY character uses only a cane. A dog just wouldn’t work since canines react badly to my vampires. The things I learned fascinated and inspired. Perhaps you have questions as well?

A big THANK YOU shout out to which is an excellent resource for information and accessibility.

Living Blind is an online community of blind and visually impaired people sharing ideas to create a friendly and informative site so that we can learn and grow together! We offer information and helpful how-to tips as well as a place to just relax, soak up some knowledge about Living Blind and gain some moral support and much encouragement.

Live and Learn!

Topics on

Topics on


Kristin King is an author and publisher. Her top sellers are “Unsinkable Vampire” and “Cain’s Coven,” and her latest novel in the Begotten Bloods Series is Death Taint. Her imprint Three Kings Publishing can be found here. Three Kings is a Mom & Pop publisher of Christian writers (not necessarily Christian books).



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B Is For Boys or Best Sellers?

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 4.28.31 PMInspired by the AtoZ Blog Challenge.

What great books came out the year you were born?

Hitting off the AtoZ Blog Challenge with Adoption draws my mind closer to the home hearth and items of personal importance. Boys are a big deal at our house considering how I’m out numbered, and I have to sigh and smile gratefully that our oldest has finally discovered the usefulness of matches…in the restroom.

Meanwhile, my husband recommended I do Bestsellers. Since I suffer from decision making disorder (i.e. DMD–did I make that up or is actually clinical?), I thought I’d do both.

Bestselling Books associated with the B-irth years near to when our sons burst on the scene gleaned from Hard Cover Fiction, Paperbacks, Non Fiction, and Trade Paperback lists. This was a very entertaining exercise. I loved James Dobson’s Bringing Up Boys came up on this list. How apropos.

Why did East of Eden by John Steinbeck surge back to the top? Did I miss a new movie remake? And wow–those top names that everyone knows–they just keep hitting the lists.

Peruse my¬†gleanings, maybe search for your own. Publishers Weekly was the resource, but I liked how the info was organized here. Now if I only had a free month to list all the books I’ve ever read on Goodreads ūüėČ


Fiction selections that caught my eye:

The Summons, John Grisham (also Playing for Pizza which I don’t recall@all)

Treasure of Khan, Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler

The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown

Remnant, Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye (also Babylon Rising)

Hannibal Rising, Thomas Harris

Everything’s Eventual, Stephen King (also From a Buick 8, Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla)

The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini

The Five People You Meet in Heaven, Mitch Albom (also For One More Day)

LOTR (Lord of the Rings) by J.R.R. Tolkien

The Wedding, Nicholas Sparks (plus 7 others)

11 by Nora Roberts

16 by James Patterson

5 by Patricia Cornwell

8 by Janet Evanovich,

Non Fiction:

Guinness World Records 2004, Guinness World Records (Always a Family Favorite–can’t get that guy with the long finger nails out of my head!)

A Life God Rewards, Bruce Wilkinson with David Kopp

Blue Like Jazz, Don Miller

A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah, Farrar, Straus & Giroux/Sarah Crichton

The South Beach Diet, Arthur Agatston, M.D.

Christmas with Paula Deen: Recipes and Stories from My Favorite Holiday by Paula Deen, Simon & Schuster

Who Moved My Cheese?, Spencer Johnson

Bush at War, Bob Woodward

Freakonomics, Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner

The Purpose-Driven Life, Rick Warren

Clapton by Eric Clapton, Broadway Books

The World According to Mister Rogers, Fred Rogers

Marley & Me by John Grogan (Did I mention even our dog is a boy?)


Kristin King is an author and publisher. Her top sellers are “Unsinkable Vampire” and “Cain’s Coven,” and her latest novel the Begotten Bloods Series is Death Taint. Her imprint Three Kings Publishing can be found here. Three Kings is a Mom & Pop publisher of Christian writers (not necessarily Christian books).



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