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Top Indie Authors on Amazon

Sample Ryan's Post-Apocalyptic style with a free download for Kindle this week.

Sample Ryan’s Post-Apocalyptic style with a free download for Kindle this week.

Guest Post by Ryan King, Author of the Land of Tomorrow Trilogy

A couple weeks ago I was curious to find out how well indie authors were doing compared to the authors from big publishing companies. I was little shocked at the numbers in the top 100. By now we all know that indies are doing well in the mid-list realm, but to be one of the Amazon Top 100 Authors, you are pulling in some serious sales (likely thousands of sales a day).

I’ve listed these authors, their respective numbers on the Amazon author list, and their predominant genre. Note: the below list does not include small publishers, hybrid authors, Amazon imprints or independent publishers that were not obviously indies – the number might actually be larger.

Deborah Bladon (#9 on Amazon’s Bestselling Author List) – romance.

A.G. Riddle (#30 on the list) – science fiction.

Victoria Ashley (#38 on the list) – romance.

Kristen Ashley (#45 on the list) – romance.

Chris Culver (#51 on the list) – mystery, thriller and suspense.

Bella Forest (#53 on the list) – paranormal romance.

Melissa Hill (#71 on the list) – mystery, suspense and thriller.

Lauren Blakely (#79 on the list) – romance and suspense.

T.K. Leigh (#87 on the list) – romance.

Bella Andre (#89 on the list) – romance.

J.S. Cooper (#90 on the list) – romance.

Jana DeLeon (#93 on the list) – humor.

L.P. Dover (#94 on the list) – romance.

Casey Hill (#98 on the list) – adventure and romance.

So what does this tell us? Well, first of all women are doing well. Only three of the fourteen on the list are men. Additionally, romance accounts for the majority of mega indie hits – ten of the fourteen above.

Regardless, it looks like indies are growing in popularity and are here to stay.


Ryan King launched his indie author career in 2012 while keeping his day job with the US Army. Watch for his upcoming guest spot here featuring monthly reviews of post-apocalyptic and/or dystopian fiction. For more information about Ryan and his writing visit the link here.


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