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C is for Cards: Issues for a Blind Character

Is the book I choose for my blind character to read even available in Braille?

Is the book I choose for my blind character to read even available in Braille?

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Can a 21-year-old blind girl play cards with her sighted friends?  One of the reasons I like writing fiction is because when I sit down to write I can jump straight in and get the story and characters down. Research, though, is a part of almost every kind of writing. Sometimes I skip over the part that needs to be researched and forge ahead. Sometimes the research stops me dead in my tracks for a while.

This happened not long after I got my ideas down for Desta Cartwright, the blind heroine in my second novel, Death Taint. The heroine from my first novel was moving in with a blind roomie. How would the cabinets be organized? The lay out of the furniture? There were roommate adjustments beyond the norm. Desta moved off to the small town to be independent for the first time in her life. How would she search the web? Play cards? What job would she have? And can she knit? Knitting played an important role in one of the pivotal scenes of the book. (Curious? Read this scene in the sample here.)

So I turned to research and writing lagged. Now I have an entire document called “Issues for the Blind” with all my notes about cooking, furniture arrangement, labeling items in home, relationships, technology available and its costs, etc. The section on using a cane vs. a guide dog is so interesting, but I needed to figure out why MY character uses only a cane. A dog just wouldn’t work since canines react badly to my vampires. The things I learned fascinated and inspired. Perhaps you have questions as well?

A big THANK YOU shout out to which is an excellent resource for information and accessibility.

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Live and Learn!

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