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I Won a Book Giveaway: Medical Suspense Book Review

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I love to read. I really do. Now as a writer, I truly enjoy helping get the word out about good books and helping promote Indie authors as well as small press authors.  I run book giveaways almost as often as I enter them. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve actually won anything.

Today I got the news that I won the entire Bloodline Trilogy plus a $50 gift card. I was so excited!  I’ve only read the first book, Proof. So now I get to read the other two.  And you can expect to see my reviews of these medical thrillers blogged here soon.

I looked back at my review of Proof and saw that I gave it 5 out of 5 stars and wrote this:

Terrific! Picked it up and kept reading till I hit the last page. These were characters I wanted to get to know and cared about. Now I want to know what happens next in the trilogy.

Here’s a link to Proof for you to check it out for yourself. I’ll be headed into the pages of Poison myself.


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I <3 Publishing

C.O.W.There is a special thrill that comes with being one of the first people to read a good book. Today I read part one of the C.O.W. manuscript, that is Children Of Wrath. As I read along it got better and better, and I grinned from ear to ear. I am going to take these words from the page and turn them into a book that people will hold in their hands. Every time I do that, it blows me away. Yes, I’m an indie author and publish my own books as well, but this is something else, something I enjoy even more.

This morning I was a writer, trudging through another round of edits and realizing I have to add another scene. Writing today was like juicing a rock.

This afternoon, though, I put on my publisher hat, a jaunty chapeau with a wide brim. This is my element,  a work of joy, and I am grateful the Creator and the creators for my place.

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