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Blog to Highlight: Kitty Muse and Me

Kitty Muse & Me Blog

Kitty Muse & Me is a self-professed blog for book reviews, author interviews, and updates on author Kathy Ree’s own writing.

Kathy’s most recent reviews were of Children’s Books such as “Jacqueline the Great Runs for President,”  “Dig the Digger,” and an ABNA (i.e. Amazon Breakout Novel) Award 2013 Nominee “My Lady’s Favour.”  Kathy runs a tight blog sticking to doing exactly what she says it’s about, unlike my own blog where I tend to focus on writing & publishing in an easily distracted by life sort of way.

So I cheer,kudos for Kitty Muse & Me’s straight up, get to business, approach to giving you the information you’re looking for.

Right now she’s doing a run on Children’s Lit, and although romance is not usually for her, you can check back through her months online and find new books and authors in many genres based on Kathy’s reviews alone.

Check her blog today! You’ll find something of interest.


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