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Why #Kentucky Home -8 While #Holland Is Balmy 48

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.44.20 AMSeriously, uncommon cold hitting Kentucky but with none of the white stuff to make it seem worthwhile–or at least fun for a bit. -8 degrees this morning as I dressed to return to the gym for the first time in probably a month (Yes, I’m one of those.)

Our family enjoyed the cool yet never bitter winters in Holland to the max. And I’ve always bought into the theory that central Europe, though further north, was warmer than North American because the Gulf Stream carries warm air from the warm ocean waters across the Atlantic.  Now scientists are saying that stream only accounts for 10% of the difference in temperatures. Really?

My young life in North America taught me to think in terms of go north for cooler temps and south for warmer ones. That life experience changed when we moved to Germany where heading south meant colder temps from higher, headed-into-the-Alps altitudes. That was an adjustment to my perspective.

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.34.41 AM

Amsterdam on about same latitude as Saskatoon, Canada as shown in overlay of European cities onto North America. (Photo credit to Klamm at PhotoBucket)

Yet my mind still struggles to grasp that in our recent Holland home it is 48 degrees today even though Amsterdam is about 900 miles north of my old Kentucky home. Yes, 1600 kilometers to the north of Kentucky as you follow the latitudes around the globe your finger runs across The Netherlands.

The latest theory says that all that warm ocean water we enjoy off the Gulf coast in America works to draw tremendous amounts of cold air down from the polar regions.

Whatever the reasons, I’m wearing a beanie indoors as well as two pairs of socks and my comfy Dutch house shoes as I remember fondly the heated floors in Germany and the fact I never needed so many layers in our old flower-kingdom home.


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