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Redneck Reunion

Download now! Free for a limited time (till Monday actually).

Download now! Free for a limited time (till Monday actually).

Just can’t wait for more visits down home in this Redneck series. I get all the insights as my husband builds his master list of funny redneck incidents to go into these short novels–which means I am anxious to read them all the more.

Bad news? Only one book out so far.

Good news? It’s free till Monday.

Get it today!

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I Won a Book Giveaway: Medical Suspense Book Review

Facebook Event Banner and  Link

Facebook Event Banner and Link










I love to read. I really do. Now as a writer, I truly enjoy helping get the word out about good books and helping promote Indie authors as well as small press authors.  I run book giveaways almost as often as I enter them. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve actually won anything.

Today I got the news that I won the entire Bloodline Trilogy plus a $50 gift card. I was so excited!  I’ve only read the first book, Proof. So now I get to read the other two.  And you can expect to see my reviews of these medical thrillers blogged here soon.

I looked back at my review of Proof and saw that I gave it 5 out of 5 stars and wrote this:

Terrific! Picked it up and kept reading till I hit the last page. These were characters I wanted to get to know and cared about. Now I want to know what happens next in the trilogy.

Here’s a link to Proof for you to check it out for yourself. I’ll be headed into the pages of Poison myself.


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Ebook Royalties–The Perfect Contract?

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Authors, indie and traditional, take heed.

Some indie authors check their sales numbers almost every day, like military historian Charles R. King. How do I know he checks his numbers daily? I’m married to him. As far as I know tracking sales this way is not an option for traditionally published folks. Correct me if I’m wrong.

It’s not a perk I would miss. I can’t remember the last time I checked my sales, but I do monitor those royalties. We indie authors make the decisions on pricing and along with that is often what percentage of royalties we’ll earn. For example, if you price below $2.99 on Amazon your royalty is 30% as opposed to 70% above that price point.

Traditional authors are not faring quite as well according to this recent article on Here’s an excerpt:

Brian DeFiore smartly spotted a rather telling bit of information in Harper Collins’ “Investor Day” presentation (thanks to Porter Anderson for the link).There are lot of different ways of expressing the numbers in the various articles discussed here, but the burden of the whole thing is neatly expressed by DeFiore:

$27.99 hardcover generates $5.67 profit to publisher and $4.20 royalty to author 

$14.99 agency priced e-book generates $7.87 profit to publisher and $2.62 royalty to author.So, in other words, at these average price points, every time a hardcover sale is replaced by an e-book sale, the publisher makes $2.20 more per copy and the author makes $1.58 less. If the author made the same $4.20 royalty on the e-book sale as he/she would have on a hardcover, the publisher would STILL be making an improved profit of $6.28.

What these numbers don’t take into account are paperback sales.

Still I am taking note both as an indie author and indie publisher now turned publisher. As an indie author, I like how my numbers stack up and how my options for the future play out. As a publisher I’m turning a critical eye to my first signed contract and finding it blessedly non-commiserate with big houses.

I’m left to wonder, though, what would your ideal publishing contract entail?


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Publishing Insider

LifeboatAlthough we indie publish on a terribly small scale (i.e. 4 authors’ works), I am driven to keep up with some of the larger issues bubbling in the publishing world. As news and op-eds strike me, I’ll share them here. You can find more in my blog category “Indie Business.”

Today’s post is from KRISTINE KATHRYN RUSCH’s site which I highly recommend. In her Death to Publishing entry she says,

Traditional publishers have gotten quite savvy in the past year. Traditional publishers no longer revert rights to out-of-print books without a long fight, which sometimes ends up in court.

The contracts I’ve seen from every traditional book publisher, including one that used to be quite writer friendly, have added deadly non-compete clauses and are enforcing those clauses.

Is traditional publishing dying? I don’t think so. It certainly is going through major upheaval and absorbing considerable revenue loss. So authors must become aware of contract issues in the fine print, because one item getting scooped out of sinking publishing life-rafts is concern for the author’s writing career.

With 20+ years in the business doing both traditional and indie publishing, Kristine Rusch is a terrific Publishing Insider.


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