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G is for Giveaway – Titanic Giveaway

Kindle Book On Sale for 99 cents--Click photo.

Kindle Book On Sale for 99 cents–Click photo.

This week is the anniversary of the sinking of Titanic, and since my first ever published work was set on that ship I thought it was time to host a giveaway. Audiobooks, audiobooks, audiobooks. You can enter to win one of three Unsinkable Vampire copies, or one of my husband’s audiobooks: No Kinda Life (post-apocalyptic western), The Hanging of Hard Barnes (L.A. Noir historical fiction), or The Last Man (post-apocalyptic journey). Unfortunately, doesn’t allow the widget for the giveaway, so you’ll have to visit this link.

Why stop with one Giveaway? I thought.

If you like to browse books and possibly win one, visit the “Explore” tab at Goodreads. There is always a long list of books organized by Ending Soon, Most Requested (if you like bad odds), Popular Authors (like David Baldacci, Terry Brooks, and Mary Higgins Clark), and Recently Listed. Browse Goodreads Giveaways here.

Or you could go for the sure thing.

As a publisher, I give away a weekly freebie (short read) that I list here and Tweet here. A dystopian tale called The Protectors by Ryan King is free till Easter,

From the cover of The Protectors,  Dystopian book FREE till Easter. Click here to download.

From the cover of The Protectors, Dystopian book FREE till Easter. Click here to download.

Charles R. King’s military history Discipline and Decline: Collected Essays on Ancient Rome is free till Sunday as well.

Then there are always the Freebies you can access via the Top 100 Bestsellers (Free) on Amazon, or you can do a quick search on Twitter for #FreeBooks.

This way the odds really are “ever in your favor.”


Kristin King is an author and publisher. She thought G was scheduled and already published, but a couple of kind friends notified her it was not. Thus, G comes after M. 


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