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On Prolific Writers

4 Books, 988 pages, 99 cents by one of the most prolific writers of all time, Barbara Cartland. (Photo is link to Amazon)

4 Books, 988 pages, 99 cents by one of the most prolific writers of all time, Barbara Cartland. (Photo is link to Amazon)

Guest Blogger Ryan King's Post-Apocalyptic Trilogy $9.99 (Click Photo to Buy)

Guest Blogger Ryan King’s Post-Apocalyptic Trilogy $9.99 (Click Photo to Buy)

Guest Post by Ryan King, Author of the Land of Tomorrow Trilogy now in a boxed set for only $3.99. During July if you write a review for him, King will donate $10 to Future Hope Africa. Find his works, including the 3 current FREE ebooks, at these links for fiction and history.

I was recently reading one of Stephen King’s books and thought about all the works he has completed in his career. In an age where world-famous and highly successful authors may complete less than ten books in their lifetime, Stephen King’s 70 finished books is impressive. This caused me to wonder just how prolific King was in a larger context.

Fellow horror author Dean Koontz has actually out-produced King with a completed 91 novels. James Patterson, who now frequently completes a novel a month using a team of ghost writers and coauthors, has finished 98 novels. The great western story-teller Louis L’Amour completed 101 books while Danielle Steele has finished 120 novels. Nora Roberts blows them all away with over 200 published books under four different names.

Then I started digging a little deeper. R.L. Stine published 430 children’s books while Isaac Asimov completed 506 works and is the only known author to be published in all ten Dewey Decimal System categories. Ursula Bloom completed over 500 books and Charles Hamilton writing under 20 different pseudonyms is estimated to have written over 100,000,000 words in his lifetime.

Perhaps the most impressive to me is the British Romance writer Barbara Cartland. In her career she wrote 722 novels and has sold an estimated 1 Billion copies of her books worldwide. In the mid-eighties she was the most popular and well-sold author on the planet. She holds the Guinness Book of World’s Record for most novels written in a year at 23. In an incredible 80 year writing career she averaged a completed novel every 40 days.

Then there are other lesser known authors. The German Rolf Kalmuczak writing in over 100 pseudos has written over 500 books. Prentiss Ingraham has written over 600 novels and over 400 novellas. Lauren Paine writing under 20 names published over 1000 books between 1956-2007. The Spaniard Corin Tellado has written over 4000 novellas.

This is all truly incredible production and something I’m sure all writers would love to aspire to. But then reality sinks in as I realize how hard it was to simply find time to write this blog post.

What are your writing goals and how prolific do you want to be?


Ryan King is a career army officer with multiple combat tours who continues to serve in the military. During July if you write a review for him, King will donate $10 to Future Hope Africa. Find his works including the current FREE ebook at these links for fiction and history.


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Putting My $$$ Where My Literary Mouth Is

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 8.53.50 PMOn the heels of George R. R. Martin’s Wolf Sanctuary Fundraiser ‘Got $20,000? Then you too can die in a Game of Thrones Book’ my in house guest blogger launches a challenge that 1) every reader can afford and that 2) oddly enough benefits poor and underprivileged people. Check it out. –Kristin King

Write a Review – Save the World (Guest Post by Ryan King, Author of the Land of Tomorrow Trilogy)

Wait…what? Yes, fine respectable readers, it can be done. Let me explain the what first and then the how.

Several years ago my wife and I lived in Belgium where we met a wonderful young Congolese woman named Bintu. Her family had sent her to Belgium to obtain her degree and  get her away from the war going on near her home in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Bintu lived with us for a while and became obsessed with using her God-given skills and talents to try and help her country and its peoples. More specifically, she wanted to help women and young girls in eastern DRC who had been abused, abandoned, and generally disregarded in many cases. She seeks to help them and other students through education, kindness and general support. The fruits of her struggle and efforts is a non-profit organization called Future Hope Africa

To date Future Hope Africa has helped and educated hundreds of young people by providing them a skill and convincing them of their genuine worth. My wife and I support this organization as much as we can. She is actually traveling to eastern DRC is a few months to assist Bintu in this endeavor.

So what does this have to do with book reviews? I’m glad you asked. I’m sure most people are familiar with a pledge system. People come door to door and ask you to pledge one dollar for every mile they run or car they wash or something of the like. Well, this is a reverse pledge system. I pledge to donate $10 of my own money for every Amazon review of one of my books or stories you write in the month of July. I will do this regardless of whether the review is in response to this blog, whether it be good or bad, or how long the review happens to be. At the end of the month I will post the results.

In order to help kick this off, I will even make four of my works free during the month of July and reviews of these free works certainly count.

2-6 July: The Protectors (Dystopian) –

9-13 July: Best Interests –

16-20 July: Better Off Dead –

23-27 July: Mask of Mitwaba (Paranormal) –


Here are links to some of my others works if you wish to write a review of one of them.


Glimmer of Hope (Post Apocalyptic) –

Children of Wrath –

Dead World Voices: Post Apocalyptic Boxed Set –

The Hanging of Hard Barnes (Historical Fiction – LA Noir) –

The Last Man –

No Kinda Life –

Kentucky Feud –

The Darkside of Down Home –

The Other Side of Down Home –


Is this proposal on my part completely selfless? Of course not, I want more reviews of my books. But I also want to draw attention to this wonderful organization that is trying to help people and in some small way make our world better. In short, I’m putting my money where my literary mouth is.

Will you help me?

–Ryan King


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