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Congo Christmas – Gone Bananas

IMG_0672The vendor comes down the gravel church drive to our education center. The attractive display of bananas perched on her head must weigh 30 lbs if not 40. She is just outside the window where Bintu, Vivian and Rachel make their selections while I try to get a post to my blog up during very limited internet time.
Later the bananas are offered to me. They are strange little yellow stubs, no longer than my ring finger–perhaps 2.5 inches. Oh the taste! Like I’ve never had a banana before. There is the traditional flavor yet sweeter. What really sets them apart is the sharp tang, like the best key lime pie.
They are dangerous for someone who worked through lunch. Five are gone before I consider the consequences of too much fruit. I’m told they tried to grow them elsewhere and they aren’t the same. Even here in east Congo they no longer as common as they once were.

The are called “bitika kamera,” and they are the best bananas in the world I am sure. You should visit the Congo just to taste them.


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