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L is for Lake Kivu

A walk to the shore of Lake Kivu

A walk to the shore of Lake Kivu

In 10 seconds name as many continental bodies of water as you can that are in Africa…Go!

Honestly it’s not a challenge I rise very well to meet. Now that I’ve visited Lake Kivu, though, I can add another one whose beauty I appreciated first hand. Every morning I rose early (about the birds that made me do it), and found my way to the porch to write while looking over Lake Kivu.

Writing Oasis on Lake Kivu

Writing Oasis on Lake Kivu

The most famous of the African Great Lakes is Victoria, and several people I’ve met asked if I visited Lake Tanganyika when I mention the Rwandan border. Every place around here seems to have connections to the 1994 Rwandan Genocide including this lake, known as a dumping ground for many victims. This is history below the surface, hopefully as well sunken into the past as sediment into Kivu’s 1500+ feet depths.

Here in the heart of Africa is inspiration. When my day kicks off with breakfast, the busy schedule set for me by our mission’s Operations Director will over rule all else. For these early moments, redeemed time from sleep, I long for a kayak.

To skim across the glassy water by the strength of my own two arms.

To discover the shapes of creation in eddies along the shore and reflections of foreign skies and jungle mountains.

To soak the beauty in my skin, taste it in deep calming breaths, and remember the gifts of life and grace.

White buildings of the U.N.  compound cut across a peninsula but don't hide the splendor of the mountains beyond.

White buildings of the U.N. compound cut across a peninsula but don’t hide the splendor of the mountains beyond.


 Kristin King is an author, publisher and co-founder of the nonprofit Future Hope Africa which is based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She is from Kentucky (USA) and lives as an expat in Holland.



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FHA Mama Is Me – Congo Christmas


Mama FHA (right) with Mama F at Lake Kivu not far from our education center.

First there were a few who said, “How can we help?” We sent Bintu home to Congo, a mission became Education ASBL.

The needs were great and the project’s impact growing. A grant was awarded. Then the few said, we can be more. We can take the whole under our wings as a mother chicken does the chicks.

Future Hope Africa became Mama to Education ASBL. “Papa” and “Mama” are titles to show respect in the Congo. “Jambo, Papa,” I say to the elder at church.

And I? I am Mama FHA. The organization is not mine, though, and not Bintu’s. This is the path God calls us to, the “goodworks He prepared before hand that we should walk in them” (Eph. 2:10). Future Hope Africa/Education ASBL is His, for His glory.

His standard, His banner over us that is Love. Our Great Papa (Abba, Father).


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